Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

I brought Casey home from the hospital today.  Annie and Bowie were so happy to see him.  Casey's counts are real low, so he will be under house arrest for the next several weeks.  He will be going to Hershey every other day to be monitored and get blood transfusions as needed.  Boy am I going to miss having Stevie around. 
He took the chemo real well, but the steroids have really kicked in.  He even ate the hospital food.  I went to Costco to fill the cupboards (and empty my wallet!). Keeping our finger crossed that the third time is a charm.
Thank you to everyone, and Thank you Betsy (or should I call you Dr. Betsy?)....I was thinking about you just today, and wondering where you were in your rotation.  You must have been reading my mind.

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