Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday night a friend, Ian, called and asked if he could interview Casey for a school project that was due on Monday.  Yesterday Casey had an appointment for his every other day check-up, and you never know if it will take 1 hour or 6 hours.  So in order to get the interview, Ian went along to the infusion room with Casey.  Well Ian lucked out, Casey didn't need any blood or platelets.  I was secretly hoping he would need platelets, because they are kinda funky looking.  I mentioned that to Casey and asked him if he thinks Ian might get freaked by looking at them.  Casey in his true form said "It can't be any worse than what he sees everytime he looks in a mirror."  Poor Ian has been the brunt of so much banter from the Cobles, but that is only because we love him!  I'm not sure if Ian got the interview he was hoping for, but I know Gary and Casey liked having him along.

Today they told Casey they want to admit him to the hospital on Friday.  But it is real important to Casey to be at the Swim for Casey on Friday, so they pushed it back until Thursday, December 3rd.  I hope everyone can attend on Saturday from 12-3 at the Phoenix Academy.  Even if you aren't swimming, please stop by.  No Speedos required.  He would love to see everyone and personally thank you for your ongoing support. 
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  1. Peggy,

    Could you email me please? I have a few ideas, I'd like to run by you. Tell Casey, I'm always thinking of him!

    Mindy Dull

  2. Hope today was an a great success. Talked with many swimmers from all over who were going. Was with you in thought! Good luck next week Casey as you prepare for your transplant. You have no idea how many people are with you in thought and prayers!
    Betty W.