Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014

I am at home in Pennsylvania in the cold weather, while my sister Debbie is with Casey is in Houston. Stevie spent some time with Casey after Lauren left. Debbie is taking good care of him. They are going to do what they call a boost or mini transplant. They saved some of Stevie's cells, which they are infusing with the targeted chemo and will turn Stevie's cells into killer cells. Theoretically, they will attack any leukemia blasts when they start to form. Stevie's cells are busy at work kicking butt, but knowing Stevie, I wouldn't expect anything less. Yesterday Casey had pulmonary tests, ekg, and chest xrays to make sure he is deserving of Stevie's cells. Casey does have a rash, so today they did a skin biopsy to make sure it is not graft vs. host disease. They are looking at the first week of February to do the boost. Casey continues to hook up his IV daily and give himself shots for the blood clots between hospital visits.
Stevie and Casey went to Austin and watched the Grand Prix swim meet. They saw some people they know. Some of the swimmers from Stevie's swim team were there. Kyle will be going out next. I am sure Casey will enjoy having him there to watch the Super Bowl. Casey's college friend, Griff with be going out in February too. We are getting closer to day 100 and bringing Casey home.

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  1. it looks

    like things are moving right along good news its wonderful how modern medicine is.