Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

Today is the 5 year anniversary of Casey's leukemia diagnosis.  I remember when the doctor told us we were looking at a 3 year battle, I thought he doesn't know Casey.  He will have this disease beat in a couple of months.  Here we are 5 years in and still fighting.  I don't feel sorry for having to go through this for 5 years, I feel  very lucky to still have him. after what I have seen what this disease can do. 
Casey is doing really well.  To see him you would think he is a normal healthy guy with no hair.  He just got home last night from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  He was out there for a coaches clinic with some of the best swim coaches in the world.  Other than the plane trip out and his obnoxious roommate, it was a great experience.
Happy anniversary Casey!


  1. Peggy, as always your spirit is amazing! WE are blessed to hae Casey back on deck and with us fulltime... Glad he got to go back to colorado springs and stay the whole time this trip( no emily getting sick to cut the trip short, ha ha )

  2. This Memorial Day is amazing! Last year was close to transplant #2 and I was more than happy to spend time with Casey but it is much better to see him able to escape to the beach. His doctors and nurses always ask about him whenever I see them around the of their favorite patients.
    Aunt Debbie